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 "I want the birds of Rhiannon, they that wake the dead and lull the living to sleep . . . "

from How Culhwch Won Olwen


Croeso i'r Grŵp Astudio'r Mabinogi

... Return to me, my kinsmen,
know me as part of your heart ...

We live in a world full of stories, tales that have enchanted us and wooed us to an inexplicable part of ourselves where it is wild and beautiful and very often, dangerous too. These stories come and go, and those that remain are most often those tended many years ago, transcribed and written down. These are the stories our grandparents and great-grandparents knew, and if we were lucky, told. Many more have been lost to the winds of awen, waiting to be reborn again in the heralding of an idea.

The greatest crime we could ever do to these stories is to relegate them to the realm of "fantasy", "fairy tales" "nonsense" told to little children before bedtime. To do so is to endanger them close to extinction. Some of us still believe that there is great knowledge, of who we are and our ancestral collective memory, hidden in the stratas of mythology.

If a story "speaks" to you, you should listen, you should follow it on hands and knees, seeking to make it a part of your skin and hair, your eyes and ears, your very being, like smoke from a hearth.

And that is why the Mabinogi Study Group was created, for those of us drawn to Welsh mythology, particularly that found in the Mabinogi, and for those of us who also are of Welsh descent, to explore the connection between then (the ancestors and how they saw the stories) and now (us and how we see the stories).

It is a journey. One to sing the Mabinogi back into the oral tradition, back into the imaginations and daily living of the people. One to transform our hearts like Pryderi from lost child to heroic ruler. It's time to remember the Birds of Rhiannon, and let their voices awaken us to the beauty of Life itself.